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Our most important asset, resource and commodity is our children. TheThe Futurey are smarter, faster learners and better creators than we were, than we are. Destroy a nation of children you destroy a nation of people. It is our belief that no child truly wants to run wild on the streets, be in gangs, sell or use drugs, or fall prey to the pressures of society’s campaign for sex and violence.  Children are natural seekers and learners who want to grow and do the right thing. It is the village that is lacking in its response and responsibility to gather 'round in support of the very children of which we speak.

NorthernStar provides programs and services for all age groups. gradsOur primary function is to assist young children to young adults in making the grade and maintaining it in their educational endeavors while also providing youth with after school activities which build self esteem that will motivate them towards better decisions and a brighter outlook on their future.

It is our intent to create a STRONGHOLD in the community where youth can come to get there business done. A true stronghold exist when these young men and women have a say and a vision as they take part in their own future. On Flatlands Ave in Canarsie Brooklyn a mural reads, “The Best Way to Control Your Future is to Create It.”  I am paraphrasing but the meaning and intent is there. We can’t save these children, we can only guide and assist them by putting them in the best position to do the best thing and allow them to create what might be our future?

The best way to control your future is to create it.

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  • Leadership Training

  • Family Planning

  • Mental Health

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