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The purpose of this organization is restricted exclusively for community service and educational advancement. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for children and young adults across America. This project is better known as IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD! NorthernStar Youth Initiative is a Community Outreach, Youth Stronghold organization whose agenda changes with the needs of our children and their surrounding community.

Our need to assist these young men and women with education and securing their safety dictates how we proceed from project to project. Failing grades, lack of support, unable to identify and secure good advice, peer pressure low self esteem, truancy, delinquency, the dropout rate and bullying are some of the issues plaguing our youth. NorthernStar’s proposed solution is DIRECT ACTION. A Street Van to combat the truancy and delinquency. An Anti Bullying Manual to address the violence in our schools and community and the Village Headquarters to get them off the streets and provide an ear for those looking guidance and resources for those with issues to be resolved.

All projects will be a collective effort between NorthernStar and everyone else from the crossing guard on the corner, the teachers in the classroom and the counselors at the after school programs. A collective effort from all included to do better for and with our children. These boys and girls IQ’s are so high, bored by the lack of opportunity and resources for growth and guidance. We are failing our children by not providing the basics.

Go to our members page sign up and join in the effort to aid the growth of our children/future. These volunteers would do anything from tutoring, working the front desk, ride along in the street van, voters registration drives, after school programming, counseling, cooking, the list goes on. It is a collective effort, meaning everyone has their own strength and can provide help in their own ways.  We can’t reinvent the wheel, It is constantly repeated but not adhered to but really “It takes a village to raise a child” please join us in the effort.