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“A PRODUCT OF THE ENVIRONMENT” is used when describing our youth in a negative light. In order to help our children we must give them a healthy environment to grow in. Our outreach efforts have been numerous but scattered as we traveled throughout Brooklyn and communities in other states. Youth Walks, Gifting of School Supplies, Clothing Drives, Career Days, Poetry Slams, Community Cook Outs, Fashion Shows we will continue. Our focus and intentions change as the needs of the youth and their communities change.

 The community is changing rapidly and the people in the community are trying to keep up but the changes are so drastic, foreclosures pushing families out across Brooklyn the landscape is changing, school, daycares closing. Unemployment still high and welfare is acting up again. We don’t have all the answers, but I’m sure we can find them with you, together. A COLLECTIVE EFFORT constantly helping each other to better help our youth.

 Our Outreach programs will offer building blocks for family success and employment. NorthernStar’s efforts go beyond  liaisons with parents and teachers of these youth. In the daytime and evenings NorthernStar offers adult educational classes and addresses other social issues the Community are in need of like GED classes, HIV / AIDS awareness, job readiness, professional development, resume writing and leadership training.

  • Resume Writing

  • Job Search Techniques

  • Communication Skills

  • Career Counseling

  • Dressing For Success

  • Interviewing Strategies

  • Community Job Bulletins