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Anthony Brewer, founder of NorthernStar Youth Initiative started as an Outreach Youth Counselor at Prospect Heights High School, under the tutelage of Richard Green of Crown Heights Youth Collective. David Dinkins the first Black Mayor of New York lead the way with program after program that was geared towards our youth and the overall community. Anthony had the benefit of watching Mr. Green of Crown Heights Youth Collective in collaboration other initiatives backed by United Way. Prior to that Anthony provided services to the Harlem community through the then Imam Ali Rashid at the Masjid Al Shabbazz Family Initiative and Anthony introduced his first prison prerelease program on 116th Street.

Then there was structure, the programs prospered and the youth were accounted for. There was progress because our children were graduating and the number of children that went to college was high for both young men and women. It was from that era Anthony learned how community reached out and how those in the position to act responded.

It is a good time to get back to that structure, creating the initiatives geared towards uplifting and guiding our youth on a collective level. NorthernStar has created a youth initiative that will strengthen our youth while working within the community in an attempt to rebuild by way of promoting education, family and community networking.

If NorthernStar had two hands, one would be used to create a safe haven for our youth and the other hand would act as a liaison amongst the youth, schools, community and other agencies already doing the same work. Hence NorthernStar’s primary objective; operate as Youth Stronghold - Community Outreach program.

Wake up these great minds - challenge them to acknowledge who they are - help them embrace who they can become. Then our true mission begins with these young men and women who will now be better prepared for their journey through life in search of success and happiness.

NOW THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE, a little help in the right direction is all we ever needed. Throughout history the northern star has always served as a guide to those seeking freedom, a better life or simply how to reach a destination. We will first ask that we acknowledge the need to guide, find the method to guide each unique situation and then provide the opportunity. We are here for our youth and the community and we ask that you join in on the effort.

Please fill out a volunteer form and get in where you fit in because it really takes a village to raise a child, or a prison will? It is our responsibility to make a collective effort to assure these children have choices, since we are always telling them what not to do we must now show what to do or at the very least assist them with better choice by providing better options. We do not have an abundance of wealth, but we do have an abundance of wealth from amongst the skills of our neighbors and professionals that we can make available to our youth through the Village Headquarters.