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NorthernStar Youth Initiative has finally landed in Brooklyn. We’re opening a youth Center in the East New York area. NorthernStar has already done work in this area so we are going to use this new location to focus our energy towards combating some of the issues we found effecting the growth of minority youth willing to challenge themselves and take their rightful seat at the head of the class.

We are located at 2569 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn New York 11208. We will be opening the doors to the youth and community January 2015. Who is NorthernStar Youth Initiative and what do we do. NorthernStar has been around since 2009 providing services to the youth by creating educational & recreational programs geared towards getting the attention of these youth and provide services that will allow us effectively assist them in their weak areas of EDUCATION, JOB READINESS, CAREER PLANNING and EXECUTION.

In the last three years NorthernStar has done Youth Walks, Career Days, Clothing Drives, Basketball Programs, and the list goes on; but we have never directly rolled up our sleeves and effectively tackled the issues plaguing our youth today in these schools and on the streets. We will continue creating recreational activities through our new afterschool programs geared towards familiarizing ourselves with the youth, getting them off the street and finding out how we can best serve their needs.

Our present objective is to inform the schools we seek to aid and the community what we are trying to do and quickly get in line with the work that is being done and find out what else needs to get done. Since lack of education/failing grades and violence are the main issues in the District our efforts will primarily go towards tackling that.

Once establishing ourselves with the community and setting up the after school program NorthernStar will present our Truancy and Delinquency program and introduce Mr. Omaro’s STOP THE BULLYING BASIC TRAINING MANUAL: Our Dreams For A Better & Safer Tomorrow. Please see NorthernStar’s Agenda for details relating to those programs.

January 2015 we will be opening our doors and presenting these services and activities to our youth:

Hygiene & Fitness - Tutoring - School Play - Job Readiness

Interactive Basket Ball - Anti Bullying Manual - Hygiene & Fitness - Brainy Cutz

Chess Club - Book Club

It will require a lot working with various schools programs and agencies. For this reason we are going around to the DOE, PTA and the East New York Community Board and the overall community itself for volunteers, providing information on our goals and objectives and finding out the views opinions and projects also in the community. NorthernStar had to pass up our annual youth walk and gifting of school supplies that was postponed until their 2015 opening, to focus on the opening of the new location.

NorthernStar is working on a few programs under the umbrella PRISON DIRECT one of the services will be geared towards connecting parents with their children. Others will include educational programs for the prisoners in which we work with BOP and DOC. It is our shared belief that REHIBLITATION BEGINS WITH EDUCATION! And that does not just apply to prisoners.

Whatever our problems we will need guidance to solve them. How do we solve problems? We find out what is wrong. Then we put our heads together and find out how to make it right. To find information and understand it is a process that most people have a hard time with. We at NorthernStar refer to this as our COMMUNITY OUTREACH. Have your children and family register to become a member of our website HERE.